Dancing Day and Night Away, Indianapolis Style

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Dance is a kind of art that has grown over the years from being interpretative and ceremonial to social and aesthetic in nature. The dance that modern lifestyle know today is more dynamic and flexible than the dance of ancient times. Whether to the groovy music or slow melody, nothing beats a man and a woman shaking their bodies to the music in perfect rhythm and harmony. All you need in a dance are two things: a partner and yourself.

The more popular kinds of dance are of Latin and American origins such as the Cha-cha, Salsa, and Swing. Most of these dances date back as far as the black-and-white era as a fusion of two or more different dances. The vibrant moves introduced by such dynamic dances opened a new stage for dancing in ballrooms across the continental United States. Even half a century later, they are still being danced in various bow-and-tie occasions.

Cha-cha: In the 1950s, this fusion of two Cuban dance forms received nothing but popularity in the United States. It is known for its energetic dance moves and the fact that the cha-cha is for couples holding hands for the first time. As for the music, the dance is associated with the iconic sound "cha-cha-cha" which is also of Latin origin. Just like most Latin dances, the cha-cha is heavy on hip movement.

Salsa: Another dance coming from Cuba, the salsa is a mixture of many Latin dances--just as many as the ingredients for the saucy salsa. Since it incorporates many dance forms, salsa is a very fast and flexible dance making it common in dance competitions. When you want to learn salsa dancing Indianapolis has to offer, you must be ready to keep up with the dynamic tempo. It is for this reason that salsa dancers wear costumes designed to allow them to move freely.

Swing: American dances such as swing dance are known for using jazz for music, brasswind musical instruments and all. Swing dancing Indianapolis has to offer dates back to the 1930s where it went by a lot of names such as the Lindy Hop and Jitterbug. The fundamental steps for the swing dance are a triple step or shuffle followed by a rock step. Similar to most dance forms, the swing dance is also performed in international competitions.

No matter what kind of dance, salsa or swing dancing Indianapolis locals dance, all of them are good ways to have fun. The next time you are invited to a ballroom party, expect some dancing as part of the event. Slap on your dancing shoes and bring your partner to the party to dominate the dance floor with world-class steps.


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Dancing Day and Night Away, Indianapolis Style

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Dancing Day and Night Away, Indianapolis Style

This article was published on 2011/12/17